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UZIN's new brand image

UZIN, the German market leader in installation systems for floors and wood flooring, is demonstrating collaboration with its customers in the new brand image. Genuine contractors, with the UZIN flag held in their hand, present the success they have achieved together with UZIN with the new slogan, „UZIN. The floor belongs to you.“ The new image shows how important it is for contractors and UZIN to work together in partnership to achieve mutual success. The campaign is also being run in a number of countries all over Europe.

Beat Ludin, the UZIN Brand Manager, makes the key point about the objectives of the new brand image: „UZIN makes it clear with the new image: we master our business. Our customers and partners all over the world can rely on the quality of UZIN‘s products and services meeting the highest standards. The campaign will therefore become the visible sign of confidence between contractors, dealers and UZIN in the future – and make a crucial contribution to a long-term partnership.“

Contractors are at the heart of the advertising motifs, presenting themselves in a project which they have carried out with UZIN products and with the support of UZIN service and consultation experts. The advertising copy gives information about the concrete, technical challenge, such as: working extremely quickly and without any pollution, strict environmental constraints or fulfilling particularly unusual customer requirements. Contractors hold the UZIN flag in their hand. It represents all the UZIN solution systems and is to become a seal of quality for expert craftsmanship and top-class floor installation. The new UZIN campaign motifs adhere to a clear visual language. High-quality photography represents the brand‘s premium standard and underlines its market leadership.